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As part of our FREE meetings, both evening and afternoon, we are lucky to have had the expertise of Madeline Diaz, of Mind and Body Yoga visiting us, to help us with meditation and relaxation.

She is a very gifted teacher and we highly recommend her if you are looking for a yoga teacher in the area.  She has regular classes to cater for all people.


We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop our sessions specifically made for our needs and can be adapted as we get feedback.

She initially goes through Nadi Shadan (alternate nostril breathing) relaxation, which is a yogic breathing techinique which has been proven to reduce stress, aid a restful sleep, help with pain and headaches.

Then she takes us through a body scan, which relaxes each part of the body.

In total the relaxation session takes approximatley 40 minutes.

You can choose to perform the relaxation in a chair, or lying on the floor, whichever is most comfortable.


Due to time demands Madeline is unable to attend our meetings in person for the Winter months but has created a CD for our group to use in sessions.

We are also able to sell these at £5 each for you to enjoy at home as you wish.

Further reading on alternative nostril breathing:





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