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- Full Membership (only £24 per year May 2018-June 2019), which gives full membership to everything we do in our support group especially in depth advice, so you can come along to our Free meetings with your carer/friend/partner.

(This works out for all the meetings we hold at just £1 a meeting and will allow us to offer even better support, with regular speakers, themes & topics, varied events, access to our expanding library, email support and other fantastic offers to try such as Actipatch and Smartcrutches, in addition further introductions including access to treatments, yoga relaxation and hydrotherapy once again).


- Online Only Membership - (which is just £12 per year May 2018-June 2019), obviously this is ideal for someone who won't attend any meetings or need to get any detailed or personally tailored advice or does not need in depth info such as Benefits & Work guides.


- Carers or Supporters get free membership for our group and can attend all meetings for free, with a FULL Member.


We ask you all to fill in a membership form for all types of memberships, so that we can contact you as needed, keep membership records, provide adequate insurance, provide you with newsletters and keep you up to date with changes.

Please check we have details correct after moving or changing your mobile number or email address.

(You can ask us to remove you from our mailing list at any time).


The new financial year for the group is in June, so for existing members please ensure that you bring a cheque or enough money to re-new your membership at your next meeting.  


New members can attend their first month FREE so bring a friend/partner/carer and come meet with us.
















The benefits of FULL Membership of the group are as follows:


*Free afternoon and evening meetings each month

*Free Yoga relaxation and meditation on CD created by our qualified teacher for our group

*Monthly coffee afternoons, in various locations

* Discounted annual membership to the Fibromyalgia Magazine from  £29.85 down to £18.50 for 12 monthly issues

*Access to vital guides from www.benefitsandwork.com

*Facebook group and email support

*Subsidised trips (we have had a trip to Ribby Hall Hotel Spa in the past)

*Subsidised holistic therapy at meetings

*Book, DVD and CD library

*Seasonal Newsletters (4 times per year)

*Twice monthly private hire hydrotherapy again when grant funding is confirmed


To become a member, you will need to complete a membership form, which we will provide at meetings or you can download above.  

All details provided will be kept 100% private and will not be disclosed to anyone else.

Pay by cheque or cash at meetings or via Paypal  (which costs £1 admin fee).

As per our Constitution, there are 5 levels of membership: Full Member, Child Member, Online Only, Supporter & Honorary Member.  


  A FULL Member pays an annual subscription of £24 (which is only £1 per meeting, and is entitled to the Group Newsletter, admission to meetings, hydrotherapy and invitations to social events, conferences etc.    This is for people over 16, and parents of children under 16 years of age.


  A Child Membership is available for children under 16 and is FREE, however, their parent MUST register as a FULL member.  If the child is over 16, they will need full membership in their own right.


   An Online Only member for just £12 has access to limited online membership, but can only access support on facebook, by email etc.  This allows our facebook members to become official members, and then they can easily upgrade their membership if they decide to come to meetings etc. This does not include Benefits and Work guides or use of the library materials etc.   They are not eligible to come to meetings, but they can receive our newsletters, and will be invited to our conferences, fundraising etc.


                 A Supporter is usually a family member or friend, who supports a member by accompanying them to meetings and or hydrotherapy, but does not need to pay a membership fee nor do they receive any treatments, offers etc          

                   An Honorary Member may consist of associated support group leaders, and others who wish to make a contribution to the group by providing information, time or other services of benefit to the group.    They do not pay a membership fee. Our Holistic Therapist Jenny Parris and our Yoga and relaxation teacher Madeline Diaz-Meiners are honorary members.

  Terms and Conditions attached to membership are as follows:

I confirm that I am happy for Preston, Chorley Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility and Chronic Pain Support Group to hold this information.  

I understand that this will not be shared with anyone without my consent.  

I also understand that anything discussed over the phone or in a meeting will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be repeated outside of the group.

I am happy for Chorley Fibromyalgia Support Group to contact me by phone / email / text / mail (Delete any you are not happy to be contacted by).

If, after the 14 day cooling off period, I wish to cancel my membership, I understand that the £6 fee will not be refunded.

Click the yellow box to download our Membership Form with our Group Rules attached.

Membership Form
To subscribe via PayPal click on the icon (there is just a £1 admin fee)

Apologies for broken PayPal link. Please use our email address to send payment      [email protected]