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Our Committee (2013-2014)

Our Current Committee were elected in our Annual General Meeting on the 30th June 2013, and their term of office ends on 30th June 2014, when we will be voting in a new set of commiitte members.

Chair - Natalie Hicks

Vice-Chair - Julia Kennedy

I am Natalie, and I created this group in October 2011, which seems like a life time ago.   At the time I realied that there was no support in the Chorley and Leyland area for people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, and I personally really needed this.  My personal confidence has come on in leaps and bounds because of the wonderful people I have met and the great support from the members.

I suffer from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and did have Fibromyalgia as secondary to this, but at the moment it is in remission.  I have coeliac disease, constant dislocations in my upper body, hips and knee, migraines and the usual aches and pains.  But I am living very happily with my son Freddie, my husband Paul, my 3 cats and 6 chickens.

Hi I am Julia, and I have joined the Committee 12 months ago, to help Natalie, after I had been a member for about 6 months.  This was rather scary, but Natalie and I got on so well, and I knew that we would work together great.

I was a primary school teacher for a number of years before these illnesses got the better of me, so if you think I am acting a bit 'teacher-like' then you know why!

I love the positive vibe that this group has, and all of the wonderful things that we do.  After feedback from members, I arranged the Hydrotherapy, which we started in the October, which has proven to be really popular and is well loved.

I try not to let my illness bring me down and my little family of my husband John and my 2 cats, Mischief and Trouble, and my wonderful friends, keep me smiling in the darkest of days.  

The positions that we are hoping to fill in the next elections are:

Secretary, Social Media, Medical Advisor, Treasurer.