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Meet our Members

Quotes from Members......

The hydrotherapy is really good.

I never used to go out, as my friends all worked.  Now I have a social life.

My confidence is much higher than it used to be.

The Committee are good strong ladies who help people even though they have problems too.

The yoga relaxation helped me when I was in hospital with serious problems.  It was a huge help.  

Free meetings?  You don't get much for free these days.  That is not a bad deal at all.

I like that I can take a friend with me to meetings or hydro for free, so if I need help, or I'm not feeling too confident, someone can come with me.

Our members are fun loving people who are try not to be defined by illness or disabilities that cause chronic pain and fatigue.  

We all suffer from Chronic Pain conditions which have an impact on our lives.  In spite of our illnesses and disabilites, we come together to have fun, and share coping strategies or find out new ways to make our lives easier.  

Our amazing members are from all backgrounds including those newly diagnosed or awaiting diagnosis and sadly many long term sufferers. We come from all generation or ages, we even have members who are children or pensioners!! We definitely try to cater for every age! Unfortunately many members suffer with multiple conditions or find overlapping symptoms impossible to breakdown the underlying cause or even which actual illness or disability specifically is the culprit!