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Welcome to our brand new website!

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Contact us:

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0844 891 3746


10am - 6pm

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We have free regular meetings for members in Chorley and Leyland, with our relaxed munch and mingle meal/drinks/dessert (at own cost of course.    We meet at a variety of venues across Preston and Wigan too as we try to help as many sufferers across the Lancashire area as possible.  

We are planning to hold a monthly meeting on a different day as demand grows so we will post on here and in our facebook group events.  


We are intending to continue our subsidised Private Hydrotherapy Sessions  when we have finalised grants and funding.  

In the meantime we will be arranging group trips to attend the public sessions at Jubilee pool Bolton.


Our Regular Calendar for current meetings is as follows   Note changes:


     2nd  Monday of the month  – Lunchtime meeting  - 12 - 2pm



4th  Monday of the month  - lunchtime meeting   - 12– 2pm


both at various venues in local community  


We look forward to meeting you!


Please check under the EVENTS tab on our FACEBOOK group to confirm where our meetings are and if anything has to be changed.  Sorry as we are all Chronic Pain sufferers too we cannot contact every member to remind before every meeting but if you check on Facebook group or message us or email us on the Contact us page we endeavour to reply to your emails up until the day before each meeting. Alternatively ring our helpline number office hours only.






Ideally please consider the handy benefits of using our wonderful friendly and confidential group on Facebook where we give reminders of upcoming Events invitations or notifications including where we are meeting (as this can vary) or notify you of any immediate changes or cancellations  and we can therefore keep you up to date.


Follow the links to Facebook by clicking on the icon above or in the top righthand corner.  Just answer a few simple questions.

First month is free then subscribe to remain. You can choose private settings in your facebook set up and our group is for our private members only so anything you discuss can only be seen by group members.


                        Our email address is [email protected] or click on the contact us icon in the top righthand corner.


We provide:  lunchtime meetings the 2nd Monday of each month.

and the 4th Monday of each month.


 Please remember to check our Events Tab on Facebook group for any news and updates.


 2019 DATES:

Monday 11th February 12-2pm  

Monday 25th February 12-2pm


Monday 11th March 12-2pm

Monday 25th March 12-2pm


Monday 8th April 12-2pm

no 4th Monday as it is Easter Monday

(Monday 29th April 12-2pm if requested)


Monday 13th May 12-2pm

Monday 27th May 12-2pm


Monday 10th June  12-2pm

Monday 24th June  12-2pm


Monday 8th July 12-2pm

Monday 22nd July 12-2pm


Monday 12th August 12-2pm

Monday 26th August  12-2pm


Monday 9th September 12-2pm

Monday 23rd September 12-2pm


Monday 14th October 12-2pm

Monday 28th October 12-2pm


Monday 11th November 12-2pm

Monday 25th November 12-2pm


Monday 9th December 12-2pm  (23rd if demand)


These will also be posted as events on Facebook finding the EVENTS TAB under the logo or if accessed on a mobile then click on the "3 dots" under our group logo and go to "view group info"  you should have a link to click called "upcoming events" so please ensure you manually reset to receive upcoming events from the group in your notifications.


(FREE meetings) For subscribed members

and remember NEW members can JOIN us on Facebook and attend meetings with 1st month for FREE


Annual full subscription is £24 to attend all meetings which must be paid/renewed in June of each year.


Online only support is possible at £12 annually paid June each year for those unable to physically attend any meetings.


Thus if joining mid year the fee is worked out pro rata at £2 per months left until June.

eg. join November you pay for Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun is 7 months @ £2 = £14 to pay


Sessions includes regular Relaxation sessions usually at the end of the meeting if members attend wish to participate.  

For more information, please see our page on Relaxation.

We may hold subsidised taster sessions for alternative therapies too dependent on demand and venue facilities.


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